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01/18/18 I am requesting a copy of the PVD Fire Department report involving [REDACTED] with an incident da... Fire Department Peter McMichael
01/17/18 Obtain video traffic footage for a hit & run motor vehicle accident that occurred on 12/27/20... Police Department Steven Nelson
01/17/18 Please Advise if there are any :   Open Code Violations Open Or Expired Building Permits Li... Inspection + Standards Monica DiDonato
01/17/18 Please Advise if there are any :   Open Code Violations Liens/ Specials Assessments/ Open In... Inspection + Standards Monica DiDonato
01/16/18 January 12, 2018   Providence Fire Prevention 325 Washington Street  Providence RI 02903 Att... Fire Department Peter McMichael
01/16/18 Good morning, Please provide a copy of the NIFRS report pertaining to the fire that occurred on ... Fire Department Peter McMichael
01/16/18 Would like a copy of police report for 18-4024 Lloyd Ave theft Police Department James Mellor
01/15/18 Good afternoon, This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. I am requesting a list ... Steven Nelson
01/15/18 RE:  1/6/2018 Fire at 110 Bowdoin Street, Providence, RI, inclusive of adjacent property located ... Fire Department Peter McMichael
01/12/18 Transaction/Reference #: 691159611                               Insurance Company: ALLSTATE INSU... Fire Department Tiffany Reynoso
01/11/18 Providence Fire Department Report DOL:  1/06/2018 Loss Location:  62 Dike Street, Providence, R... Fire Department Tiffany Reynoso
01/11/18 The following records are hereby requested: Copies of all forms of complaints, formal or informa... Inspection + Standards Monica DiDonato
01/11/18 I need the fire report from the home i lost in the fire at 106 bowdoin st 1st fl providence ri 02... Fire Department Etie Schaub
01/11/18 i need a fire report due to i was lost my home in a fire on 106 bowdoin st 1st fl providence ri. ... Fire Department Tiffany Reynoso
01/11/18 Good Morning, At this time I would like to verify whether there have been any calls to the follo... Police Department James Mellor
01/11/18 Transaction/Reference #: 690853371                                 Insurance Company: ALLSTATE IN... Fire Department Peter McMichael
01/10/18 Your complete file, any investigation/incident reports, photographs, videos, field notes, witness... Police Department James Mellor
01/10/18 Good Morning, At this time I would like to verify whether there have been any calls to the follo... Police Department Natasha Buckler
01/09/18 Any and all records, police or fire, relating to the vehicular accident located on Ophelia Street... Police Department James Mellor
01/09/18 A copy of all liquor license holders, including, if possible, all active and inactive license hol... Board of Licenses Heather Kilkenny
01/09/18 Any and all inspection records from 2017 and 2018 recommending that a building be closed or conde... Natasha Buckler
01/09/18 All records related to properties owned by Dexter Jackson. Natasha Buckler
01/08/18 Please advise if there are any Open Code Violations/Citations  also if there are any Liens/Specia... City Clerk Monica DiDonato
01/07/18 "...Wanted to put the request in for inspection records for 106 Bowdoin Street; we’ve been told b... Etie Schaub
01/06/18 To Whom It May Concern: Pursuant to the state open record law R.I. Gen Law Secs. 38-2-1 to 38-2-... Board of Licenses Etie Schaub
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