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Dear Sir Or Madam:

EMG is an engineering firm currently conducting an Environmental Site Assessment of the following property on behalf of the property owner:

Parcel ID - 38277

868 & 872 Admiral Street, Providence, RI

 As part of this process, we are submitting this request for information specific to the property.  Please provide us with the following information concerning the property:

 1)  How far back are records maintained by the Building and Fire Departments?

 2)  Are there any records of underground or aboveground storage tanks?

 3)  Are there any records of storage, spills or releases of petroleum products and/or hazardous materials?

Please provide follow up documentation for any Yes responses to these questions.  If you need additional information to complete this request or the cost to complete this request will exceed $25, please contact me.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



June 24, 2019 via web


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Point of Contact

Nicholas Poulos

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July 27, 2019, 7:16pm
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The City of Providence does not maintain documents responsive to this request.

Please be advised that the Access to Public Records Act does not require a public body to respond to interrogatories or questions, but instead requires a public body to produce responsive documents.  See Gagnon v. City of East Providence, PR 12-13 (R.I.A.G. Sept. 4, 2012). As a courtesy, we can inform you that the oldest record for the property in question in possession of the Fire Department is from 1972; however, neither it (nor any records from either Inspections & Standards or the Fire Department) is responsive to your request. More generally, while the City occasionally has information about storage tanks, an agency more directly charged with monitoring them would likely be the State Department of Environmental Management.

In accordance with R.I. Gen. Laws § 38-2-8, you may wish to appeal this decision to the Chief Administrative Officer. In this instance, Jeff Lykins, Department of Inspections and Standards Director, fulfills that role. You may also wish to file a complaint with the Department of the Attorney General or the Rhode Island Superior Court.

June 27, 2019, 11:15am
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June 24, 2019, 8:21am